About Us


My name is Marleigh Sayers and ‘MALi Designs’ is my business baby! I always wanted a daughter!  🤣


Truth be told I am not really a girly girl at all and I actually got into this business because of my BC (Before Children) love of fishing. My Hubby Kip and I are in love with everything outdoors and spent 2012 travelling this big beautiful country in a slide on camper and towing a tinny. We had THE most amazing adventures and our absolute favourite places were found by boat. We spent A LOT of hours exploring Australia and it was at this time that our first business Fish King was born. For the past 6 years we have been making Sun Protective Fishing Shirts for Men and Women.


Fast forward a little and here I am with 4 BOYS! Well one husband, two sons and a Kelpie called Maverick. My two littlest loves are amazing and are so like Kip and I. They love adventure and we can’t wait to show them all of this big beautiful country of ours. They are actually amazing little fishermen too! My eldest (4 yrs) caught a hammerhead and two black tip reef sharks just last weekend!


We started Fish King because we weren’t happy with the sun protective clothing available for both men and women. We designed our shirts to be the best and most practical available. We have a women’s range called Angelfish. Over the years we have spoken to many people looking for sun protection but not always for fishing. Women who paddle board, kayak, bike ride, horse ride, or like myself have busy outdoor lives chasing after little people.


As the years have passed and my children have Taken. Over. My. Life, I have found my fishing trips are far between but my time in the sun isn’t. Whether I am taking my kids to the pool or the beach, meeting my mother’s group at the park, or heading to the local markets, that big beautiful star in the sky is shining down on me. So, much like the need for a fishing shirt back in 2012, I now needed a Sun Shirt and a pretty one at that!


Being in this business for so many years I am all too familiar with the facts and statistics of Melanoma. I have met so many people wearing the war wounds from cancers removed from the back of their hands and shoulders; parents and grandparents who didn’t know any better when they did the damage to their skin many, many years ago. And unfortunately I have also met family members who have grieved the loss of a loved one from this almost entirely preventable disease.


So here we are! Working our butts off to get this new baby through its first few months, sleepless nights and sleep deprivation in tow (oh wait that’s from Mr 2!). Our Sun Shirts are beautiful and comfortable and oh so practical! My favourite is Tessellate, My ‘little black dress’ of sun shirts. Which is yours?


Thank you for taking the time to read a little about who we are and how we have gotten here. If you have any questions about our shirts please get in touch.


Marleigh x